Ready to become a one-person production house?

You're an experienced storyteller, you understand the process that goes into crafting compelling stories. This course will help you understand how AI fits into all of it.
We will build on top of your experience and skills. Learn core concepts, processes and workflows I have developed working with Hollywood-level productions and Coca-Cola-level advertising agencies.

Integrate text AI (large language models), image generation AI and team/collaborative AI into your work.

In this Masterclass you will learn

Core creative concepts for working with AI
How to create personalized assistants
How to create highly intentional images
How to develop a full creative pipeline with AI
Individual and collaborative Workflows

Don't just take my
word for it...

It was a brilliant course. I learnt so much. Thanks so much for this end of year inspiration.

Liz Rosenthal

Curator, Venice VR, Venice International Film Festival

You made a spark in me in terms of creating and that’s literally the day I started to use AI. All in all, the knowledge you shared was something amazing, it made me invested in developing these new skills.

Mahamud Hassan

UX Designer, Call Of Duty: Infinity War

Nejc Sušec consistently raises his hand to contribute to the community, sharing his expertise and knowledge. He is a thought leader in the field, always looking for new and innovative ways to use AI in creative projects. His passion and dedication to the community are evident in his work, and he is always willing to go the extra mile to support others. He's a true collaborator, bringing people from different backgrounds and skill sets together to create something remarkable.

Seth Pyrzynski

Global Production Director, Ex-Riot Games / Ex-Blizzard

Outstanding course! Upon completing this course, I feel confidently equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue my generative art projects. I wholeheartedly recommend this course as the perfect starting point and a comprehensive foundation in generative AI for anyone interested in exploring this fascinating field.

Dimitar Dimitrov

Linux System Administrator

Totally a game changer for me. I learned so much that I can now use in my creative processes. A one of a kind opportunity to get to understand hands on how AI can help and its exact use cases. Thank you Nejc!

Michel Reihlac

Curator, Venice VR, Venice International Film Festival

You explain the most basic parts in detail, allowing students to start learning from understanding and rethink how to design instead of designing for the sake of design.
I loved the detailed process of converting design theory into practice, or making a complete case.

Designer at Aukey

Amazing experience, super useful, thank you.

Andrea Toscano

SKY Advertising Agency

Wow - you have really inspired me! I've been struggling to find ways to become more creative and now you've given me a launchpad. This is a whole new way to approach design and out-of-the-box thinking.
Excellent course! Nejc includes a LOT of creative ideas and resources and provides step-by-step guidance. I especially appreciated all of his practice activities and suggestions on how to jumpstart your creativity. Thank you!

Kimberly Goh

Interactive Video Designer

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What's in the course?

Creative Process and AI

You will learn the core creative thought processes when working with AI.
We will lay the ground in which the seeds of next lessons will bloom.

Personalized Assistants

You will learn how to create assistants which can help you with tasks inside our creative process.

- Introduction
- Prompting the Assistant
- Additional Settings
- Refining the Prompt
- Homework

Image Workflows

You will learn how to create highly intentional images with Stable Diffusion. Focus with this workflow is on intention and control, without getting lost in the technicals.

- Introduction
- Software Installation
- Interface
- Features
- Start Creating
- Prompting Tips
- Multiple Loras
- Creating with ControlNET
- Creating with IP Adapters
- Workflow Overview
- Homework

Team Collaboration with AI

You will learn how to create templates covering several steps in your creative pipeline, all in one place.
Focus will be on storytelling.

- Introduction
- First Steps
- Creating Structure
- Intentional Prompting
- Further Steps
- Image inside the Pipeline
- Pulling it all Together
- Homework

Enroll in the AI-Enhanced Creator Masterclass

Instant Access

Instantly receive all content and resources in the course