Hey, my name is Nejc (Nates).

I connect the dots between AI and creators, to help you learn new skills, level up your work and create in ways never before possible.

I love creating. Over the last decade, I've expanded my creative knowledge at any opportunity I saw:

- Social Media content
- Ads
- Short films
- VFX Shorts
- Motion Graphics
- Marketing Campaigns...

In June 2022, I added AI into the mix.

It became immediately apparent, that AI is transforming and disrupting the way we create, work and live.
My focus became - How can AI support my (and your) creative process.

Now, I teach and educate individuals, teams and companies on how to move forward with this technology. How to become AI-Enhanced Creators.

This is the way forward, as I see it - Enhancing ourselves as humans.

We have experience and knowledge. We know how to create something from nothing. We should leverage that experience and enhance ourselves. Humans should be at the center of these questions, as we are the ones shaping the technology and the world.‍

Become an AI-Enhanced Creator, with autonomy over your creative work.

I write about 5 topics

AI in the Creative Process

How does the creative process look like with this new techonology?

I will connect the dots between new and known.

Strategic Implementation in Professional Pipelines

Strategic breakdown of pipelines reveals so many beautiful opportunities fo AI implementation.

I'll show you the cracks and opportunities I find.

Mindset and Skills for Working with AI

New technology unlocks new thought processes.
Reframing our minds allow us to learn new skills.

I will create a comfortable space where you can process the transformation.

AI Techniques and Workflows

We're dealing with technology here, so there will be buttons to press and features to explore.

I narrow it down for you, so you don't get lost. Too much.

Human Factor when Working with AI

I love humans. We are beings capable of incredible things.

AI has the potential to amplify these capabilities and let us shine brighter than ever.

I will help you level up and become a Creator of the new age.

For people who explore.

Building on Curiosity.

For professionals who understand.

Building on Experience.

For people who create.

Building on Imagination.