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Learn Visual Storytelling with AI. Faster and Simpler.

Join 800+ creatives learning how to use AI in their creative work.

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AI Storyboard essentials

PDF containing library of words and modifiers on camera angles, lighting and facial expressions, as well as prompt engineering techniques you can use with text to image AI to create storyboard frames.


Midjourney Style Templates

PDF containing 11 different prompt templates you can use to create a consistent style with Midjourey, as well as a prompt engineering technique and explanation on how to use it.


Prompt Engineers Library

PDF containing a Notion template as well as a personal Discord server template and instructions how to use them to stay organized with AI tools.


Content Creators Quick Guide to AI

PDF containing techniques with AI tools that will help you create images, text, audio and video content faster and with less hassle.

Hello! My name is Nejc.

Pronounced Nates.

My name is Nejc (pronounced Nates).

Curiosity and creation are what motivate me.

I've been involved in the creative field for 9 years in various roles, positions and environments. I've created social media content, marketing campaigns, I've worked as a video editor, animator... I touch different areas all leading to one goal - learning to tell stories in new ways.

My most recent exploration has been AI. Since June 2022, I've been diving deep into AI tools to see how they can support my (and your) storytelling. In this time I've worked with a previsualization studio working with Hollywood directors, a game company building a web 3 MMORPG, a project for a cinematic universe looking to rival big studios like Marvel. 

I've been a speaker at the Generative AI conference as well as a guest speaker at the UCLA Extension class on Generative AI.


The central question I explore through my work is, “How can AI support our creative process?”

In other words, I look for ways in which AI can help me (and you) create what we have in our minds and show it to the world.

With new tools we can create in ways never thought of before. I'm here to help you embrace them and venture into new worlds.

You can start by reading my weekly newsletter, where I share techniques and workflows with AI tools for more than 800 creative professionals. 

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