Using AI to Enhance.
Not replace.

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AI is disruptive, transformative and overwhelming. Making sense of it can be... paralyzing at times.
Where do we start, how do we understand everything and how does it fit into what we are already doing?

My goal is to help you with this transformation. To help you see how much AI can enhance YOU and what you're already good at - your skills, knowledge and experience.

I've prepared 6 lessons on mindset and skills that will help you adopt AI into your work:
- Directors Mindset
- Core Skills
- Limitations of AI
- Additional Skills
- Software
- Workflows

Each of these chapters has a homework at the end to help you practice.

This guide is for those who want to learn how AI can enhance their skills. Enhance their experience and tell the stories that are inside their minds.

Hey, My name is Nejc (pronounced Nates).

I'm here to help you embrace AI and become a Creative Director of a new age.

I am building a bridge of knowledge between AI and creators. If you make a living creating - stories, visuals, narratives - This is for you.

You'll discover:
- AI in the creative process,
- Strategic implementation in professional pipelines,
- Mindset and skills for working with AI,
- AI techniques and workflows,
- Human factor when working with AI

Among others, I've done courses, workshops and consultations for:
- Coca-Cola
- Poli.Design Academy
- Majime Studios: Hoolywood previsualization
- MIAT: High level Masterclasses
- Astra Nova: Web3 Game studio.
- Aukey: Furniture design department
- Sky: Broadcasting company
- RAI: Broadcasting and television
- Cappy: Generative AI app development

Human x AI Storytelling

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Building on top of the core concepts, we dive deep into workflows and techniques. With step by step walkthrough and process breakdown.

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